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The Augustinian Recollect Order has its origins in late 16th Century Spain. Today we are a global Order with Chapters all over the world. From those early beginnings the Order has flourished and today has about 1500 religious spread throughout the world. 

In the year 2007 the Augustinian Recollects celebrate 75 years serving the Church in England. In 1932, a group of Spanish Recollect priests sought a priory in England. They founded St Austin's in Ivybridge, Devon.

Our parishes and houses

The second was found in Honiton where a parish Church, and later a Seminary was built. 

In 1970 the Order expanded into London by purchasing a house in Kensington and now has parishes in Kensal New Town and Wembley Park. 

At the turn of the new century the Vicariate took on a new mission, to care for the immigrants from South America. The Latin American Chaplaincy is now established in the Parish of St Anne's in Vauxhall in South of London. 

Missonary work
The Vicariate has a close relationship with the Order's missions. Many from the Vicariate have served as missionaries throughout the world and still continue to do so. 

August 2nd

Blessed John of Rieti, religious

John was born early in the 14th century and entered the Order when very young. After a short life characterised by simplicity and service of his community, fervent prayer and Eucharistic devotion he died at Rieti when only seventeen.

His remains are preserved there in the church of St Augustine. His cult was confirmed by Pope Gregory XVI in 1832.